Leanne Casley IV Degree International Instructor & Examiner .ITF Taekwondo

I have the privilege of knowing Julie Hancock in both a personal and professional capacity. Julie as Pencoed rfc official photographer/publisher has captured some fantastic pictures on and off the field. I play for Pencoed Phoenix and she has taken some powerful action shots of us all playing rugby. These pictures have been so good I have purchased quite a few of them for my personal profile, in which the quality is of a very high standard.

I also run my own Taekwondo School and Julie has come to our competitions and again taken some outstanding photographs. Capturing the children sparring against each other and doing special techniques, her professionalism with her camera shows in the results of the photographs. Also her still pictures are remarkable; she has the capability to organize everyone for group photographs and the results are very good.

My son achieved his black belt this year in March and Julie came to my home to take some photos of him in his attire. The photos were excellent, with natural light outside in my garden. It was very difficult to choose some of the pictures for myself and family for framed pictures. Each one was as good in capturing my son’s qualities. The final pictures were again of high quality and definition.
I would highly recommend Julie and her work to anyone.